Chinese language talk / 5

by Julia

Finally back to Chinese learning! I’ve been in a bit of a study slump in the last two weeks between various grad celebrations and the trip to London. Christmas time is not the best period in terms of focus and free time [relatives, gifts prep, decorations and most of all the FOOD], but hey, better less than nothing.

The way I’m approaching the study is pretty much the same of a few weeks ago. I’m focusing on actually learning how to say things in Chinese, reading and understanding a written text is not = to language learning. I’m also trying to do as much listening practice as I can, considering that listening comprehension is always one of my weak spots.

To be honest, I’ve felt a little bored by the fact that I’m still on the same unit I was a couple of weeks ago. I said I wanted to go slow and take the time to assimilate all the vocabulary and grammar points without rushing – and now I’m bored, because I’m not rushing anymore -.- is it really so hard to get motivation when we’re self studying?

Anyway, now with the Christmas crazyness I don’t know how much I’ll be able to get done [altough I’m pretty ahead with gifts shopping, I just have to grab a couple more in oder to cross the last items off my list], but I hope after the 28th I’ll be able to get back to a kind of normal routine and maybe starting a new chapter of the grammar book too.