Setting my goal of setting new goals

by Julia

Throught the course of this year [but of 2014 as well] I’ve been continuously struggling in order to keep up with my monthly goals. At the beginning of each month I’ll do a blog post/write down on my planner all the things that I wanted to get accomplished by the end of that specific month. I guess I don’t need to say I failed 95% of the time.

The point is, I was far too busy to be truly able to accomplish anything personal. Between my two jobs, the board examination and all the rest I couldn’t even take 30 minutes a day to do some ‘me’ things. Or, it could have been possible if I had been willing to give up on my at-least-8-hours sleeping time – something that never even crossed my mind.

Now things are different and I’m actually intended to catch up with all the personal activities I had to put aside during these last 24 months. I’ve been reading a lot about minimalistic life, natural lifestyle and self care and though I know I’m miles away from actually been able of implement these theories in my daily habits I’m seriously determined to start living the life I want and to make things happen the way I want them to happen.

I guess setting goals is the first step to take if I want to be more proactive. This is something that I’ve realised during my language learning experience as well – I cannot accomplish much if I don’t plan things out. I’m definitely a planner person so needless to say I’m thrilled at the idea of using my organizer to make further progresses in my personal development.

I’m still thinking about the possible ways I can organize and track down my activities, but surely I’m going to do things differently in 2016. Not huge, amazing differences that usually last no more than a week – small, manageble changes that will help me bring my life to the next level.