{Beauty} Current night routine #1

by Julia

If there’s a morning routine, there must be a night routine too. Seems pretty obvious.

Late evening is my favourite part of the day. Maybe because it’s the very moment I allow myself to relax, or maybe because I just love sleeping so much that I always look forward to it. Or maybe both.

It is also a very important daily action because I have a sort of fetish towards clean skin and I can’t even go to bed if I don’t feel my face perfectly cleansed and purified.

As I said in my previous post on this topic I’m not that huge consumer of make up products, nonetheless I apply almost everyday a thin line of eyeliner and just little of mascara – and mascara is always so damn hard to wipe away. I don’t know if it’s me or there’s a minimun level of truth here but I’ve always felt make up as a sort of ‘unnatural‘ [if you know what I mean] layer that we apply on our skin, something that is not really good for our health [again, I maybe wrong here, but this is just the feeling that I get]. So yeah, deep cleanse is definitely needed. I cannot even think about the possibility of going to bed without removing my make up and washing my face, the only idea gives me the shivers.

So, again, the only thing I really focus upon is to clean my skin perfectly. I don’t really much care about wrinkles, dyscromia or other kind of blames [at least not on a daily basis], maybe because my skin has never been that difficult so I’m free not to think too much about them. But it’s also because I kind of have for creams and lotions the same feeling I have for make up – the less you put on, the better for your health. Of course I’m talking about non-problematic type of skin here, for acne- or blemish-prone skin it’s a whole different story.

As for my morning routine I’m using products by Perlier – Kelemata brand [big discount haul last summer] which so far I’ve enjoyed quite a lot. There’re simple, with a soft non-chemical aroma and they basically do what they’re supposed to do. A win-win-win situation. This is what I use:

  1. cleansing lotion [for make up removing – it’s dense and thick and it doesn’t spread all over my face when I apply it with my bare fingers (no cotton pads)]
  2. eye make up remover [very gentle on the eye but also very effective with mascara bits and pieces]
  3. mild soap to wash everything away
  4. tonic [much needed in those slightly dry areas]
  5. night cream

That’s it. Not much fuss going around. It works and it makes me feel clean. Mokona approves it too so I’m on sure ground here.