Lucca Comics and Games 2015 ~ Old place, fresh start

by Julia

I would have been really surprised [like really surprised] if someone one year ago had told me in 2015 I was going to go back to our major comics fair. Not because I don’t like it – quite the contrary – but mainly because
1. prices are ridicolously inflated
2. too many people, I can’t really handle it.

Nonetheless, this year I decided to go – and I’m quite happy to see how much I don’t regret the decision. We went there the first day of opening [it would be unmanageble otherwise] and I can say that – crowd and ridicolously high prices apart – I had a great time.

Maybe I just needed to feel like a teenager again [lol].

Apart from this, I also did something important to myself.I bought an entire manga series in Japanese. Am I able to read all this at the current state of my language knowledge? Of course not.But, you know: trial accepted (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ Plus I take this as a sign of destiny – and who on earth am I to go agaist it?