Chinese talk / 3

by Julia

Oh God, how much do I love Saturdays. Especially the Lazy At Home While Outside Is Misty & Windy kind of Saturdays. I haven’t had the chance of enjoying a good relaxed week end at home in like *ages* and I’m totally, totally loving it. Tomorrow should also be a sunny day so a walk in the park nearby with the camera in my hands is highly probable.

Anyway, lazy Saturdays are also for foreign languages study (of course). Last week end I managed to watch almost the entire first episode of In a good way [well let’s say re-watch as I already finished the drama, I’m just giving it another round – this time with Chinese subtitles only]. Mostly I’m trying to get exposed to the sound of the language as much as I can [will I learn Chinese with a marked Taiwanese accent? Buahahahahah I highly doubt that], even though at my current stage I can grasp only a few words and very short sentences. But it’s a drama I love so it’s also a good occasion to watch it again.

Today I’ve focused a little more on grammar. I don’t actually have my textbook right now, I’m basically reviewing some points I already studied in the previous courses. I haven’t been practicing Chinese in quite a long time so I think it won’t do any harm to revise a few old grammar points. But of course I also have to engange into something new if I really want to improve.

Right now I don’t feel highly productive, I rather have a kind of relaxed approach to the language. Maybe it’s because I’m still pretty busy with work and other stuff I had to leave behind while I was preparing my big big exam and I can’t be 100% focused on language learning, but I don’t feel the pressure of learning by heart tons and tons of new vocab everyday like I used to do before. I don’t know whether this approach will lead me somewhere or not, it’s just the way I feel right now πŸ™‚

I will definitely have to put in many more weekly hours of study if I really wanna see progresses though. Just hope this winter will be cold enough to keep me inside πŸ˜€