From busy to here and now

by Julia

It seems pretty clear that this definitely wasn’t the right year for me to engage into the project of running a blog.

I guess it wasn’t the right yeart to do and start and accomplish a lot of things. But I did anyway.

Many things are going to change in the next few weeks/months; some are already changing. It’ s never easy to face periods of instability and transformation, especially because it’s not always clear whether the change is gonna be for the best or for the… let’s say the so-so.

I guess the ‘secret’ is to just acknowledge the change without denying/fighting it, simply being aware and letting things follow their course. Which is definitely easier to say than to do, but I believe I can adjust – keep breathing, this is always a good advice to follow.

Anyway, now that I have (finally) closed another chapter of my life I can go back to some of my passions and finally devote a decent amout of time to those activities that make me feel a little more a human being – namely reading, studying Asian languages, cooking healthy meals, taking photos of the fall leaves, practicing taichichuan, and taking a good bubble bath every once in a while.

And this is mainly what I plan to blog about. Bubbles included.