{Beauty} Current morning routine # 1

by Julia

I can’t even imagine my life without routines.

And it’s funny, because I’ve struggled for years before been able to stick to one in terms of beauty. I guess this goes to show that even when you are naturally inclined towards something, you may not be able to obtain results without a certain level of self discipline. Experience taught me bad.

Now one of the things that help me get out of the bed in the morning, especially in these unpleasant, sticky summer days [loathing] is the idea of having a set of regular actions , to have a fresh start.

Luckly for me I have a pretty normal skin type – not particularly oily, nor particularly dry. I’m not even prone to breakouts, I just have slightly marked undereye circles. Of course I’m far from having the perfect skin but since I don’t have particular problems I don’t mind my imperfections.

This said, I prefer to keep my routine as simple as possible. I believe that we people with normal skintype are very lucky not to have to spend billions on beauty products, and I find it pretty silly to buy products that cure problems you didn’t even have in the first place.

So here are my very basic steps for a day-to-day beauty routine:

  1. cleanse my face with a mild face cleanser, rinse with lukewarm water
  2. apply a thin veil of face cream
  3. apply aloe gel stick in my eye contour to smooth my undereye circles

Can you imagine anything simpler than that? I honestly can’t, and right now I feel like I’m having all the treatments I need. After that I’ll just apply a very simple make up and bam! Ready to go!