One book July challenge [2015]

by Julia

I just love planners. Did I say that already?

I love the whole idea of planning, and I love the physical stuff made of paper and leather [or other materials as well]. Not that I’m that great at time management, but still.

I’m a long-term aficionada of the planner community and this year I decided to kind of engage into the second edition of this planner trial lauched by Rhomany in 2014. The rules are simple: one month, one book, one pen. Easy peasy, uhm?

Let’s just start saying the I’m already breaking the rules as I’m using two pens [black and blue, I really can’t help it] + I colour code with my highlighters, which I guess it’s not envisaged in the whole idea of using just one tool. The point is, I’m mostly drawing inspiration from this challenge to face the planner slump I’ve been experiencing in the last few weeks, and reducing everything to the simplest organization possible feels like the right [and maybe only] way to do so.

So this is my one book July essential set up:

  • my one book is my Filofax Personal Original Patent in nude, the planner I’ve been using for the last two months or so; it’s sturdy and compact but at the same time it allows me to keep all the pages I need, so the choice was obvious from the very beginning;
  • I carry in it all the sections I need to have close at hand BUT without the bulk of useless pages I used to clutter my planner with. My essential sections are:
    • monthly calendar (for blog planning)
    • weekly pages (appointments, to dos, reminders, errands – they all go in here)
    • beauty journal
    • food journal
    • expenses tracker
    • waste paper for random notes
  • my planner is a self-contained world, and by this I mean that everything I need to write and update my planner is already contained in the planner itself, without having to carry separated pouches or pencases. Fortunately enough my planner has all the necessary room to carry all the pens/highlighters I need [the elastic strap comes in very handy], and I still have all the space I need to keep in 12 months of montly calendars + 6 months of weekly pages.
  • no washi tape, no stickers, no frills. I have nothing against those things but at the current state of things they’re not useful for the planning process, and honestly I find them a little visually confusing. Plus considering that my life is 80% on the go I really can’t bring myself to carry everyday a bunch of materials I don’t even really need.

I’m curious and thrilled at the idea of going back to the basics, and I really hope this challenge is gonna bring me on track again because my life seems always complicated and full of stuff and I can’t leave anything behind. Seriously. Anything.