Chinese talk / 1

by Julia

Self-taught language learning process has finally started for me too, and tbh I’m pretty excited about it.

Studying by oneself is quite challenging, but so is learning in a class-type environment. You have to keep the pace of your classmates – and of your teacher.

Lately I’ve been feeling too tired and worn out to be able to assimilate any new content in terms of grammar or vocabulary, and I’ve been feeling increasingly in need of consolidation, rather than new content to acquire.

So basically this is what I’m going to do right now. Strenghten what I already studied (or was supposed to have studied) instead of looking for new materials.

I’m not going to buy any new source either,  already have enough for my current level. I want to concentrate on what I’ve been using so far in order to be sure I’m well grounded on the basics – then [and only then] I’ll look for something more.

My experience with Japanese should have taught me something, at least.

So this is my study plan for the time being:

  • grammar >> I’m gonna use the textbooks I already have. They may not be the best available out there in the market but they’re not so bad either – and I already paid for them so I’d better make good use of them. So far so good.
  • listening and repeating >> my speaking level is embarassing to say the least so I won’t cover it for now [maybe because I haven’t been looking for a speaking partner seriously yet? Ahem]. I know that to improve it I have to start strenghtening my listening skills [almost non existent] so I’ll brush up my Chinese Class audio lessons and start with that. I’ll also rewatch some C drama I saw in the past and try to take notes from it.
  • vocab >> Anki is my friend, I know. I haven’t been using it for ages [mostly because I can’t stand the data imput part so damn boring] but it’s time to give it another go. I’ll use it mainly for the vocab in my textbook.
  • reading and writing >> I don’t have endless free hours in my week so I have to be fairly realistic here. The more I try to accomplish the less I will, so I won’t spend too much time on these activities for now. I’ll post something on Lang8 once every two week (roughly) and the same for some article’s reading.

Let’s see how this will work out. It’s the first time I’m seriously committed to studying a language outside a language course so it’s a real challenge for me – but also something I feel ready for.