Monthly Goals {July 2015}

by Julia

July feels like the right month for me to come back blogging so let’s plan how I’m gonna make good use of this 31 days:

[a] carry out at least one home project
>> let’s start with something simple, like finish sorting out all the documents have been piling up on my desk during the last 9 months few weeks

[b] engage into a language learning challenge

[c] jump back into tv series
>> this mostly means withdrawing a little from Asian dramas [absolutely not sure whether I’ll be able to do that]

[d] try to relax at least a little

[e] keep up with my workout weekly plan

[f] survive the heat stroke
>> I don’t know about the rest of Europe but here in Italy we’re litterally suffocating under a blanket of unbearable sultriness, and considering that I kind of hate hot weather this is gonna be much much fun.

Hope this July’s gonna be an inspiring month for everyone 🙂